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Our story
Once upon a hike…

It all began on a hot summers day when Olaf, the founder of CapeSpritzer, was hiking the Pipe Track Walk by Table Mountain. Halfway into his journey, the sun was baking our esteemed hiker into a fine crisp and his water supply was almost done. In this moment CapeApple Spritzer was born. He reminisced on his home country, Germany, and its refreshing summer drink - the apple spritzer. It is not only tasty, but contains natural apple juice - known to hydrate and restore.

A few trials and errors and our tasty, healthy, good-looking refreshment CapeApple was launched. Successfully guzzled and enjoyed by ever increasing demand, a need for another delicious flavour became imminent. And so, CapeBerry was created as the younger sibling in our CapeSpritzer family. As with all families, a little more flavour is a good thing. We proudly present CapeOrange as our latest member to the family.

For our German fans, to read more about CapeApple Spritzer click here

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Our responsibility:
CapeSpritzer cares

We are a proud supporter of the We Love Football Academy. They say: "The Academy is dedicated to sustainably breaking the poverty cycle, so every child can dream about who they want to be and have the ability to achieve that dream. We believe that sport and football inherently offer a transferrable set of skills for social development; through team buliding, acceptance and discipline. Football acts as the messenger. Specific game topics included, but are not limited to; saving, nutrition, HIV/AIDS, hygiene and child rights".

With our healthy thirst quencher at hand, they just look so much cooler and ready to beat their opponents. Go team!

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