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First born...
CapeApple Spritzer

CapeApple Spritzer is a wholesome mix of apple juice and carbonated mineral water. Just like Fynbos, Table Mountain and Robben Island, our product is unique. Nowhere else in the world will you find this! We are proudly South African and aim to create jobs and stimulate local growth in Cape Town as our sparkly product grows. Available in 330ml glass bottles, it is alcohol free and without any added sugar. Spritzonians of all ages can enjoy this and diabetics can take this within the regular sugar intake of their diet.


Cape Berry Spritzer Cape Town

A sibling!
CapeBerry arrives

When you drink CapeBerry, you are not only hydrating but enjoying a truly natural taste. Imagine the feeling of biting into a fresh strawberry, sweet and sour just as nature intended. CapeBerry Spritzer is a healthy sparkling cocktail of berry and apple juice with carbonated mineral water. We recommend you chill your CapeBerry before gulping away, it's just much cooler that way!


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Our Diva
CapeOrange is here

This spritzer truly packs a healthy punch. The rockstar in the family. Enjoy a sophisticated mix of apple juice, orange juice, carbonated mineral water and a dash of ginger. Refreshingly different - not just a pretty taste, it is superbly wholesome. Great for lazy summer mocktails or add your spririt of choice to create an authentic Cape Town cocktail.

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